Sales Account Executive, Maestro

Company: Maestro
Geo: Culver City CA
Stage: Early Stage Startup
Money Raised: $5.8M

Last Raise: Sep 2017


Founders/CEO: Ari Evans,
Glassdoor: Rating: 4

Position Profile

Title: Sales Account Executive
OTE: $150k
Base: $75k / Variable: $75k
Remote Ok?: No

Selling Targets

Company Size: Mid-Market, Large Enterprise (Fortune 1000)
Industry: Broadcast Media, Entertainment, Media Production, Online Media, Sports
Depts: Marketing, IT / Information Technology, Executive
Buyer Roles: C-Suite, Vice President

Sales Team Profile

Team Size: <10
Sales Leadership: Scott Tretsky
Sales Leadership Tenure: 7 Months
SalesInsider Take: If you want to join a company that works with live music, gaming or live sporting events, then this is the company for you. Coming off of a $3m Series A raise in the Fall of 2017, Maestro is expanding its platform beyond gaming into new categories and big brands. The product enables interactive streaming for live events that goes beyond “chat.” provides polls, commerce, contests, giveaways and prompts to share content in real-time. As their network and partnerships grow, their analytics layer could prove to be quite valuable as an insights platform to advertisers. The company is still small with less than 40 employees and still no Big Headed VP of Sales walking around – so your impact as a sales executive can be large. You still have the opportunity to carve out your own niches, expand into new markets and land big clients. If you are an aggressive, renaissance seller with contact or experience with live events, sports or gaming you might want to consider joining this smaller team before a whale hunter comes in and makes all the money that could have been yours.
Quota: 500k-1m
ACV: $25-75k
Sales Cycle: 6-12 months

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