As we look to the New Year, on Openview’s Build Blog, Todd Caponi and Jeff Rossett highlight “Five “Not So Obvious” Sales Trends for 2019″

  1. The Rise of Feedback
  2. The Requirement to Embrace “community” learning, sharing and collaboration
  3. Importance of Understanding Decision Science
  4. Sales Stack Overload
  5. The War for Sales Talent is at an All-time High

While we agree with all of the points they raised, we particularly agree with the 5th point:

“The need for technology salespeople has never been higher. Between a record number of companies raising large rounds of capital (which translates into immediate positions to fill) and the trend of specialization within tech sales – the demand for sales talent far exceeds the supply.


So what’s the proactive solution? The best companies effectively recruit, train, develop and promote their reps – essentially building and curating their own pipeline of sales talent. First, they put a strong career path program in place (Inbound SDR to Enterprise SDR to AE to Leadership, etc). And then to feed that model, the best companies do a great job of bringing in reps – either entry level or industry transplants (think former financial services reps who want to get into tech sales) – and provide them with outstanding sales/product/industry training & ongoing education. This is more of a long term play and the company must be totally committed, but the end result is the ability to fill their own needs (on demand) with those on their “bench.””

A thriving sales team is what drives a growing SaaS company.  Employers need to be able to “sell” their company to candidates and prove to them that they can build a career at your company.  Millennials are often criticized for job-hopping, particularly in the software sales world.   And while poor sales performance is a contributor to job-hoppers, often times it was the realization that there was no future for the sales rep at their prior company.

Every SDR wants to be an AE and every AE wants to be a VP of Sales.

Does your company provide the career path necessary to train, mold and build the right career path for your new sales hires?  Sure, OTE is important – but sales candidates are looking for companies that give them more than a paycheck – they want a career.