If employers and recruiters spend an average of 7 seconds scanning your resume – how can you stand out as an SDR / BDR?

What can SDRs and BDRs do to make their resume / profiles stand out amongst the noise?

Stop Being Vague

Too many SDRs describe their job functions on their resumes and Linkedin Profiles with bland, vague terms.

“Identify and Qualified Sales Opportunities”

Sure, that is what you did – but tell me HOW YOU DID and WHAT YOU ACHIEVED.

Put metrics on your resume and profile. Be specific and you will stand out amongst your peers.

Below are some suggestions of what you can put on your resume:

How many SQLs were qualified on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.
How many calls did you make per day, on average?
How many emails did you send per day on average?
What was your conversion rate for Calls, Emails, Conversations, etc.
Where/How did you rank against your peers?
How big was the SDR team you were on?
How many sales reps did you and your team support as an SDR?

Who are you calling into?

What industry, departments and roles did you prospect into?

If you have experience calling into media and broadcasting VPs and CFOs, then put that down.
The more specific the better.

What tools are you using?

Were you using SalesLoft?
Were you using Linkedin and sending emails?
What other tools were you using as an SDR?

Be specific, list them out and you’ll stand out.

You only have 7 seconds to stand out – put the right information on your profiles and you’ll get he attention you need from the right employer.