An actor has their headshot, a professional has their resume.  Either way, it’s a representation of yourself to help you “book” that coveted interview slot. It needs to paint an accurate representation of yourself, in the best possible light.

Just as there are plenty of talented actors who can’t book work, there are plenty of seasoned and skilled sales professionals who cannot get interviews. Sometimes, its not your qualifications holding you back, but rather the way you are presenting yourself. Every profession has the key skills that hiring managers and recruiters look for in a resume—let’s break this down for saas sales!

Be Direct

Far too often, we see resumes that look like a short fiction novel. Not to say you can’t be a sales professional who loves to write, just saying your sales resume is not the place to do it. A hiring manager or recruiter is looking at hundreds of resumes all day long—get to the details and be direct.

Think about what you would be looking for if you were making this hire. Would you care to know the details surrounding the type of software your company is selling? More than likely, this can be googled (and will be googled!). Remember you are a sales professional—be direct in labeling quota percentages attained, new businesses brought on, average deal size, and goals accomplished.

Sales is all about numbers—be up front with these stats! Under each sales position be sure to provide bullets regarding your specific wins in that job title.

Picture or No Picture?

A recent trend has tons of professionals including their headshot on their resume.  Maybe you feel this is advantageous for you.

Let your numbers and your phone screening do the talking.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Why is it, that when someone says “long story short….” it’s usually never short? Maybe you’ve been working in the industry for 20+ years. That’s great! While you have no doubt obtained exceptional skills in this time frame, no employer is going to need the details on what you did at your very first job out of college. Limit yourself to one page detailing only your most recent, and most amazing work.

Likewise, if you are a young graduate who has switched positions a few times—take into consideration how this is perceived. Decide on how you will present it and have good reasoning to back up your job moves. Discuss what you learned in each position and also decide if there are any positions that would be better left off the resume. No matter what stage of your career you are in, keep it succinct and to the point. Hiring managers and recruiters will get a strong sense of who you are professionally and will appreciate your openness.

Treat your Resume and Linkedin profile like a commercial

Performers have a “sizzle reel”, what do sales professionals have? More than likely you don’t have a video of you in a demo making the sale because well, that would be incredibly awkward. As a sales professional you need to view your Linkedin presence and resume as your “sizzle reel”.

Sizzle meaning—your best and brightest moments are on display.

Did you speak at a conference?
Add that video or photo to your Linkedin profile.

Do you work for a Google Ventures backed company?
Add that under your name on your Linkedin Profile.

Did you ramp up far ahead of schedule in your current sales position?
Add that under your most recent job and italicize it.

The point is—Linkedin is the modern sales professional’s commercial. You know how to sell, but can you advertise? Learning how to sell yourself, is crucial to being a sales person in the job market! Keep in mind the words of our favorite flawed and fictional ad man Don Draper, “Make it simple, but significant.”